I value you opinion but I do believe if this was a target, you’d miles from the center.
Gareth David

Yes, it is clear you don’t really understand. Let me break it down for you.

Once we strip out the irrelevant personal attacks regarding hitting the “target”, drug usage, or having to releive myself, there is not much left of substance to your argument.

Besides the fact that who you have for freinds is not even remotely related to the topic of discussion, your main point appears to be what you refer to as “extreme gun control”, clearly by your own standards of what “extreme” means, is that “regulation…as a means to make the country safer” “will not reduce crime, murder, intentional homicide and similar stats.”

However, you provide no evidence whatsoever to support that claim. So after talking about sperm whales, babies, and high-horses, all that is left for me to take from this piece is that gun regulations won;t work. Yes, I took some liberty is assuming that you are most likely in favor of deregulation.

If I was wrong on that point, then please let me know, however, this theme is consistent with conservative views, and if that is not the case please let me know. It sure looked like a conservative viewpoint you were expressing in your piece. Don’t run from it if that is your position.

Now, if that is your premise for concuding this regulation will not work, then that is a premise that applys broadly to economic policies as well. Follow me so far? More regulation-bad. Less regulation-good.

Now let’s take that premise and that belief system, and apply it to Women’s health, standardized testing, or immigration. Is deregulation still good, or do we need more laws to restrict abortion, round up illegal immigrants, block Mulims from entering the country, or remove dangerous “thugs” from the street? I assume that since regulation doesn’t work, you know, the old “government is the problem” mantra, that nothing the GOP proposes is going to be effective.

That’s my point. You can’t have it both ways, because when you are inconsistent in your arguments, they fall apart. A less credible argument will be less powwerful and unlikely to change attitudes.

Now, I am really failing to understand your last paragraph where you are referring to fluffy slippers. I think what you are trying to say is we have the highest murder rate in the world because guns are so hard to get? I don’t get the connection. To me, it is more likely we have the highest murder rate in the world because we have the highest gun ownership. If more guns did in fact make us safer, then we should have the lowest murder rate. See, that’s how logic works, at least in the liberal brain.

By the way, if you aren’t afraid of Muslims, illegal immigrants, and black people, what do you need all those guns for? What are you so afraid of? Our government?? Why are there so many people out to get conservatives? What did they do to deserve such hatred? Is it because they are followers of Jesus? Help me out here.