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Hi Jonathan, thanks for reading the piece and for your response. To answer your question, the essay is not meant to lump all pro-life supporters into sharing the views I describe in the essay. I am fully aware that not all pro-life supporters want to see food stamps slashed, or are opposed to the minimum wage hikes, for example. They’re not even all Christians. I understand this. But I do think the piece is addressed to all pro-life supporters. What I hope this piece does is makes those who are pro-life stop and think about what they’re really supporting when they vote for a pro-life candidate (i.e., Republicans by and large). I hope they stop and think that yes, by voting for candidates who want a Supreme Court Justice who will reverse Roe v. Wade, for example, they are also voting for a party that opposes so many things that make life easier for that child they want so desperately to be born. This piece is not pro-life or pro-choice, it’s simply an illumination on the fact that being pro-life should be a lifetime commitment, but as it stands the whole movement is riddled with hypocrisy.