Initial Reaction to the Rangers Trade Deadline Acquisitions

The Texas Rangers acquired Future Hall of Famer OF/DH Carlos Beltran from the Yankees in a deal centered around Dillon Tate. Then, in the final 30 minutes, they got All-Star catcher Jonathon Lucroy as well as Closer Jeremy Jeffress to bolster the bullpen by trading away CF Lewis Brinson & P Luis Ortiz. Beltran & Lucroy will bolster the lineup offensively and Lucroy has been known as an expert pitch framer. JD is hoping to solve this bad pitching spell with better play from behind the plate. It just might work.

So the Rangers got an All-Star Catcher, A DH who is known for clutch AB’s in the postseason, and a reliever while still retaining their most valuable assets and the assets that are crucial to the future success of this club. Those would be Nomar Mazara, Rougned Odor, Jurickson Profar, and Joey Gallo. Getting that talent without giving up your centerpieces going forward is a huge win for the Rangers who probably had the most success out of anybody at the deadline.

Through two games post-trade deadline, the Rangers have lost 2. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. They will be just fine. Chemistry might be a little off as expected with a trade. This team is still very good and they got even better at the deadline. Yu admitted to shaking off Lucroy on all three of Baltimore’s HR’s in game one of this series. Beltran launched a home run in the first inning of game two. The Rangers will be fine.

My little league coach always said that baseball was about hitting first, and everything else was second. That is the plan the Rangers went with. Most fans expected a trade for a SP but Jon Daniels decided to bolster the lineup with good bats. Beltran and Lucroy are both having great seasons swinging the bats. Instead of trying to outpitch other teams, the Rangers are just going to outslug them.

We saw last year in the World Series how we thought nobody would be able to hit against the Mets and they would cruise to victory. But Kansas City had a deep lineup with great bats that just wore down the Mets pitchers. I’m sure JD saw that and is wanting to model it. The lineup is now as deep as the MLB’s best.

Lucroy is the biggest addition here since he can be here for multiple seasons and his contract is very team friendly. The Rangers are also betting that he can help out the pitchers we have now rather than giving up a piece of the big 4 (Mazara, Odor, Gallo, Profar) to get an ace like Chris Sale or Chris Archer. They also added depth to their bullpen with Jeffress who will also help down the stretch.

Beltran will play a similar role to Vlad Guerrero in the Rangers World Series run. Beltran is known as a very good postseason player with an OPS of 1.115 for his career in the playoffs. He will provide clutch at-bats down the stretch.

The fact that the Rangers kept Mazara, Gallo, Odor, and Profar is huge. This lineup got really good offensively and Lucroy is definitely going to make a difference with the pitchers. It is safe to say that the Rangers won the trade deadline.

A starting pitcher would have been nice but having Mazara, Odor, Profar, and Gallo down the road will be more valuable.