Brasil can't make mistakes in international relations

It is not possible yet to measure the impact of BREXIT in the British economy yet, but the political frictions and international relations effects are already evident.

In 2016 the population of the United Kingdon has made a choice: leave the European Union. 52% of the voters decided on a referendum to leave the UE. Brexit won.

The elected President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro nominated the diplomat Ernesto Araujo as Brazilian Minister of the International Relations. Nominate a classic diplomat seems to be a sensate decision, but the personal convictions of the new Chanceler make me worried.

I've read last week the essay "Trump and the West" written by Ernesto Araujo, a text devoted to Trump, the United States and god.

Instead of criticize his personal convictions I just want to warn him to avoid repeating the same path United Kingdon decided to follow. I want to be even more specific: I recommend Brazil do not leave — or underestimate — the BRICS.

I recommend Brazil do not leave — or underestimate — the BRICS

In 2019 Brazil will lead the BRICS. The presidency has a one-year term and the next one will be headed by Brazil. We need to be ready to do it right.

The reason of my preoccupation is simple: BRICS is one of the most influential political blocs and also a huge economical force. It aggregates five countries that have 3 billion people, owns a strong bank and have China — Brazil's biggest commercial partner — as a participant.

Figuring out a Brazil exit — a formal decision to leave the bloc — or even a bureaucratic permanence is not a smart choice at this moment. Brazil need — and should — keep relations with all countries, from the U.S to China, from Palestine to Israel. We are a friendly country and we need to assure it will continue being our style in International Relations.

Brazil needs to occupy its space in the international scene, but can't make any strategical mistake from now on, under the risk of provoking unnecessary friction the same way United Kingdon decided to do.

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash