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When Singaporeans complain about foreigners, they are particularly referring to people from their neighbour country “Malaysia”. They need to use subtle way to complain to Government. Most Singaporeans are afraid to discriminate and complain against Malaysians because Singapore is small and solely depending on Malaysia for many things and their survival.

Singapore and Malaysia are just across the border and people from Malaysia can come into to Singapore at anytime to get the jobs easily because they can speak Chinese, English and Malay which are 3 main national languages in Singapore. Especially, the people from Malaysia border area can just spend 5 to 10 minutes on the bus to get into Singapore.

Addition to that people from Malaysia can get permanent resident and citizenship easily. After they got the resident or citizenship status, they can access to education, housing, healthcare and etc. One of the good examples will be; after they have granted resident or citizenship status, they buy the house to rent it out. Then, they travel back and forth to go to work in Singapore daily because housing and living cost at Malaysia border is a lot cheaper than Singapore due to the currency.

Singaporeans are so angry about their neighbour country Malaysia is exploiting their benefits including retirement but on the other hands they can’t reject them directly. That’s why they are saying Foreigners as overall. Of course, if you go and ask them, they will say it is not true for sure because they don’t want to get sour the relationship with their neighbour for survival. They will always say, “we are brothers and good neighbour”