Soo . . . your contention is that you “need” alcohol to conduct your social life, but you “don’t…
Jennifer Snow

I have to say, you may be misinterpreting this. I am a responsible drinker. I was introduced to alcohol at an early age…a glass of wine with dinner, etc. Nothing crazy, just the appropriate taste. I spent my 4 years in college in Washington DC underage, graduating at 20. I was never able to go to bars or clubs with friends in college. It very much hindered my social life. I would hang out with my friends during their “pregame” but would then have to part ways once they hopped into a cab and headed out for the night. It is not so much about “needing” alcohol, but many places don’t even let you enter if you are under 21, even if you do not plan on having a single sip of alcohol. When you live in a city, these types of social events are very prevalent. Now that I am 21 and can go out, I rarely have more than 1 drink in a bar. However, before I was 21 I would not have even been able to go to that bar. It is not as easy as “finding better friends” because the friends you already have are not necessarily bad, and they may even be happy to plan events that do not involve the need of a 21+ ID, but that does not mean they are not ever going to go out-and you will always feel left out when you are the one who can’t join. The reality of having older friends.

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