Rey is a Palpatine
J. Kenji López-Alt

I wrote an article last year here:

In that I suggested that Disney could let JJ Abrams “fix” some things in the old movies to set the stage for his movie. One of those was to make Palpatine Anakin’s father. From that post:

Add a scene where Ian McDiarmid visits Tattoine at the end of the movie, just after the parade. Cut away to Palpatine landing on Tatooine, dressed in pauper’s clothing suitable for the desert. He goes to the home of Shmi (Anakin’s Mother) and in a dimly lit room with a fire in the background asks “Does he know?”. Shmi replies “No, nobody does. I have kept my silence just as you asked. I understand what could become of your stature were people to become aware of our relationship”

It also solves the “why was Anakin an immaculate conception if he wasn’t ‘the chosen one’” debate.

Anyway, had the “fix” suggested above happened, your article gets even more awesome in suggesting Rey is a Palpatine. If Skywalkers and Palpatines came from the same lineage, Rey would also be related to Luke, and that would explain why his lightsaber chose her. She could then be set up to be the real “chosen one” who brings balance to the force that was initially disrupted by her own family tree.

Fun stuff… Can’t wait to see what actually happens over the next two movies!

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