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Gene’s Kokomo Yearbook Picture: I enhanced this photo. No one else had one this clear


Harvey Eugene “Gene” Whitacre

Date Of Birth: 10/6/1926 (Kokomo, Indiana)

Parents: Harvey Whitacre & Eva Mina Nicholson-Whitacre

Siblings: Ben Whitacre, James Robert Whitacre, Sarah Catherine Whitacre, Mary Lou Whitacre, & Martha Jean Whitacre

Address Prior to Enlistment: 1211 East Mulberry St. Kokomo, Indiana

Date Missing: 6/30/1947 (Some reports say 7/1/1947)

Before I begin the entry I just wanted to say that I relied heavily on my good friend Andrea’a research from WhereaboutsStillUnknown regarding this case. Her entry is under the links section of this post. I also wanna thank another friend Yusra, For suggesting this case as well as becoming my first Patron on Patreon. Both know this case better than anyone. Also I spent many hours attempting to track down articles related to JUST Diane’s disappearance. And there aren’t many at all. Most of all the articles I found dealt with authorities trying to tie her to Princess Doe…

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Before I begin I wanna dedicate this entry to a few people. One being Tim’s Dad Warren Guy. I can’t imagine the heart ache and sorrow this poor man has been through all these years. The others are Dena Rush, Synova Cantrell, and Alanna Keegan. Without the 4 of them. This entry would not be possible. You can read Synova’s entry here.

Finding Timothy James Guy FB Page

Charley Project

Missing: Beatrice G Villela

I’ve been extremely interested in this case for a few years. And I tried desperately to contact her sisters as well as other family members. I held this post in idle for a long time hoping to get a response. I know one of her sisters was battling cancer some time back and it appears to have went into remission thankfully. I couldn’t get an answer from the sisters. There are so many questions I have regarding this case. I wish I had answers to. I did obtain the Police Report and read through it extensively. …

I am pleased to present you with this update to my entry on Deborah Poe. If you are interested in reading part one. It can be read here. Over the past year I have been in contact with one of Deborah Poe’s friends and ex-roommates. I will use her first name only. Her name is Tanya. And yes I was able to verify she was indeed a friend of Deborah’s. I’ve seen numerous letters as well as notes and pictures. I will share two that I have in my possession. Now I didn’t put my logo on these pictures. Nor…

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I want to personally thank and give credit to Andrea from the Wherabouts Still Unknown blog and Lesley from the Unsolved Appalachia blog. They assisted me with this case.

What Happened To Michael Adams?

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UnFound Episode: Tammy Lynn Leppert

October 12, 2016

I would first like to state that I have tried contacting Suzanne (Her sister) twice on two separate occasions and I have not heard back from her. I respect that she did not wish to speak with me. From what I have read there has been a lot of trolling with internet assholes regarding the case. As well as with the Sitcoms Online board (Which at times has some good info on it but is maligned by a lot of trolls. (Wiseguy182) I would just like to say that…

Out Of Sight: Dennis Lloyd Martin

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Original Post:

The entire way I came across this case is strange. I got an anonymous email regarding this case. It asked me to look into it. So I did. I responded with questions. And I got no response. So I then go to social media and I track down family members. I request them. They accept. But they will not answer any questions regarding the case. I made a missing persons flier. They thanked me. But still will not answer questions. So I am assuming that whoever emailed me wants me to look into this. But they don’t want any backlash they might receive as a result. I dunno. I did receive one other email with details regarding her personal friendship with a certain individual. (This was from another address and they did not respond to my attempts as questions either) And I was able to back that up with a friend who works in LE. The individual I am talking about was questioned. Only questioned. I have tried contacting the individual myself. And he will not respond to my inquiries. Might wanna keep up with this post. I am gonna update it frequently.


Shurlock Holmes

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