2 Months In

It has been 8 weeks since I began this journey of improved self. As you may have read previously, it has been a tough time to stay bulletproof with the workload and travel. The food that I have eaten and the additional beer thrown in there has been up and down. I try to make better choices but by no means have I been an angel.

Electroshock Therapy at Tough Mudder

Last weekend my friend Brynn and I completed the Tough Mudder obstacle course. Look at me confidently strutting my thick stuff through the wires.

It was nice to be able to complete all of the obstacles, a challenge that I could not overcome last year. I failed on the rings and their funky monkey bars previously. Being slightly stronger and a bit lighter made it possible.

I was also able to run the majority of the course this year, which was not possible last year. Brynn still could have left me but then she wouldn’t have had someone to step on to get over the walls. You are invited to join us next year if you are interested. It is a challenge and great time for sure.

I am happy to say that even with the travel and the challenges in food, this morning I weighed in at 201.5lbs. So I have not lost any more recently but I have not puffed back up. I am getting back on the strict diet for another week or two to see if I can get down to 190 or so. For some reason the idea of 185 sounds good. I believe that is what I graduated high school at.

What are you training for? Or what would you recommend I look into trying?

If I don’t have something to train for I often skip out on running. Hope you have a great weekend, find some adventure.

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