Fortnight For The Win

Today marks the two week point on this journey to more fat and better health. The numbers this week are not as I would have hoped. I weighed in at 200lbs on the nose, so only down four for the week and 18lbs overall.

It was a good week for the most part but I believe there are a few reasons for the slowing down. Likely the main factor is due to the rapid success of week one I got pretty lax in the routine and meal times. I pretty much was winging everything but this week I will be back to strict products and meal times. We also had friends in town and we went out to celebrate at a Brazilian Rodizio steakhouse. I tried to keep it close to the book but I definitely over ate and then caved and had dessert, that is going to happen when they just make rounds to slice you off more and more pieces of meaty pleasure. Then on Sunday my wife hosted a baby shower and had some leftover amazingess that I couldn’t pass on. She made from scratch some creme brulee (which is my favorite dessert) that was brilliant.

I also believe, or at least hope, that my body may have been clinging to my reserves from the drastic drop from week one. But there may be no science to that, just trying to help myself feel better about the break in rigidity.

My energy and focus is much improved, better than I can remember ever feeling. However I could definitely feel that the cheat meal and sweets took a toll on my gut and energy. It definitely adds a hyper focus to your body and its reactions to things. An added bonus as well is keeping up with my water intake, I can tell that the proper hydration promotes a proper functioning system. No soda, booze, or beer here.

Happy Monday to you, hope this finds you well. Again, tips, thoughts, or questions are always welcome. Getting after it this week to crush all the goals.

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