“Threading in the slab over the reinforcement due to corrosion”. Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

Expertise and Examples in Repair and Retrofitting from Concrete Renovations India

Concrete Renovations India
4 min readJan 7, 2020

The need for Structural Retrofitting is ever-growing. Especially in India, where the growth in infrastructure is foremost in the world. However, India has only seen the construction. Maintenance is an equally important aspect yet more critical and technically more challenging. As buildings are made, they also degrade. We as a company have experienced a lot of demand and need. The demand for Structural Retrofitting services will surge in the near future. Retrofitting can be of any kind: Structural Strengthening, Repair & Rehabilitation, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Corrosion Protection, Water Proofing, interior makeovers, smart homes device installation and much more. Contact us for our services or to know more in detail.

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Expansion joints leakage

“Expansion Joint Seepage caused threading in concrete, further deteriorating the condition”. Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

The joints were seeping. The seepage resulted in further corrosion of reinforcement which led to scalping of concrete and thus compromising the structural integrity of a 21 story building. The treatment in such cases can be done by various methods: fill the expansion joints with backer road and sealants; or put the membrane on the joint for stopping water from seeping. Though everyone can know the methods. What it takes is the Executional Expertise that our company has. Get in touch with our technical team for help.

Fire in a Law College

“Damaged structural members due to fire” Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

Short-circuits are a major cause of fire in buildings. The best way to be safe is to retrofit our buildings for fireproofing. You can contact us about that. Though in this case, the entire metal reinforcement got bulged due to high temperatures (fire). The concrete got burned out and the structure was abysmal. The solution for this was to rewire new steel, use corrosion protection chemicals and inhibitors, and micro-concrete for the final cover. High-pressure epoxy grouting through nozzles has to be done for filling of the honeycombs in the concrete. Our Operational Excellence ensures that structural strength returns on par with the Indian Code Standards.

Electroplating Shop

“Cavitation erosion of concrete and corrosion of reinforcement”. Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

Chemical Industries, be it sugar, textile, petrochemical, etc works in extreme pH ranges. The plant of the company (as shown in image) runs under acidic fumes for electroplating of components. Acid fumes react with the basic concrete to form powdery salts. Concrete degrades fast, leading to pores and the reinforcement gets exposed. Our technical consultation suggested for Non-Destructive Testing of the members and based upon results, grouting is done. The protection of the concrete can be given by epoxy layering over the surface. These industrial practices should be taken care of upfront of setting up a plant to save costs in the future. If you need consultancy services, you can contact us.

Commercial Complex

“Sudden spalling of concrete that came off breaking the false ceiling”. Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

The roof of a building built in the late 90’s suddenly scalped off. Breaking the false ceiling, the concrete cover fell on the workstations of the company. It, fortunately, did not cause injury but a lot of collateral damage. It also filled the employees with fear leading to unproductive days. A similar case occurred in a rented factory area at Jahangirpuri Industrial Area. The concrete scalped off and fell on a worker, permanently damaged his leg. Hence, It is important to carry out periodic structural feasibility analysis and inspection. We perform and provide all kinds of 3rd party verified and audited services for structural inspection. You can contact us for our services.

Textile Plant in HSIIDC

“Chemical attack started due to acidic fumes”. Source: Concrete Renovations India Image Database(crindia.in)

The plant manufactures cloth and dyes it. The environment in the plant is acidic. Acid fumes and water resulted in degrading concrete cover. The reinforced steel got corroded and led to volume expansion which further degrades the concrete. The ceiling was also seeping due to water clogging channels. We suggested waterproofing with a bituminous sheet and supplemental steel system retrofitting along with micro-concreting.

Amar Ujala Flooring

Industrial floorings are made up of concrete. The action of chemicals: acids and alkali, cause damage to the floor which hinders the operations. Similar cases are the foundations of buildings and machinery that need to be stiff. Epoxy grouting at high pressure is an effective solution. Our expertise in structural technology, operations & execution excellence and quality differentiates our services. Most of these retrofitting techniques can be conducted in the plant and buildings while production and operations running simultaneously.

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