100 Days of Creating

It is a year from the day i finished an exciting and an important chapter of my life, University. It was on this day, last fall, when i graduated, and it was truly fulfilling. It showed me that effort pays off, and in addition, feels good. I was proud of the way i ran the last mile, and it is always good to be objectively, without justifications or glorification, proud of yourself.

It is by chance that today, i am also finishing another chapter in my life, a year later. A journey i did not foresee, nor planed. It was a journey i craved for, though for a (long) while, i was unaware of that. I stumbled upon it, by chance as well. Though, i have read somewhere that things happen for a reason. I like to think that curiosity led me to it.

Just a small digression…

The journey of self-discovery is strange, often lonely, and includes searching for cause and meaning in different places. For me, it sometimes meant watching videos, reading books, and in this particular case, reading an article. While i am writing this, i cannot remember how i got to it, but somehow, as the author of it likes to put it “the article found me”. And i am surely glad it did.

Strong imprint, in a sense it scarred me… The content of the article i will not discuss, though here is the link to it, i recommend it wholeheartedly. What i am going to say is that it felt personal. Not only did the article shook the ground i was standing upon, it was the interesting person i discovered inside of it, that i believe had such a lasting effect on me, and it was this “acquaintance” that brought me to the shore of the journey i want to write about today. Reading about the world and issues of this interesting, new person, i began to make correlations with my own world, my own struggles and questions. Slowly but surely, as i kept reading, i started to unravel something from inside, something i have covered and buried deep down, but was, and i think is and will be, essential to my existence.

The most simple, straight way to put it is…

Specifically what i am talking about, is the ability to express some deep meaning, some emotion, a plain thought, an experience, just something, with the language of creativity. I am talking about the opportunity to speak your mind in a way enriched with metaphor, wit, using rhymes or melody, through image, drawing, you name it, the options seem countless. To me, there is something really powerful here.

So there i was, intrigued by the article and realizing this need in my life. Yet this sparkle seemed vague, too short. I needed something more concrete. There was this feeling inside that there is more to be done, some kind of action which will help me translate this inner realization into the real world. As any short short sparkle, i needed more, in order to kindle the fire. How could i produce bursts of sparkles?

Funny enough, the answer came through a question, introspective one…

I did not have an answer to this question.

I did not have ONE answer to this question.

In spite of this, it was obvious to me, surely, this answer contains the source(s) of the sparkles i needed.

This question was an inception to a project called 100 day project. The idea, pursue something that inspires you, and is meaningful to you, for 100 days, and show it to the world by posting an Instagram image of it. As “simple ”as that. Persist and grind, show up each day, and see what will come out of it. And though i was not quite sure about specifics, there appeared this clear vision that this is something worth pursuing.

Retrospectively i realize at present, that this project came at just the right time. Just when i needed some guidance, a framework of sorts, to pursue what i clearly longed for.

Boy was i excited, suddenly so many options came to my mind, so many things i could do, memories of moments where i did something, that inspired and fulfilled me, came pouring in, only broadening the possibilities. I was simply so eager to start.

The name i chose was #100daysOfCreating

The Beginning

I started with this drawing, and it presented just the picture i had in my head, of a long road ahead of me, with an unknown and uncertain destination. I pressed upload, the image was up there, i took the leap of faith and started walking…

I began writing. Rhymes and thoughts, it was interesting to hear (and read) myself think. I realized that in the past, i have often missed many opportunities to write something down, and it just went by, without me assigning value to the thought. Who we are, lies in our personal thoughts.

I cooked, and perceived food, no longer as only means of surviving (although it really is) but as a celebration of tastes, as an event. It is beautiful to be able to experience a meal, which is one of the most automatic activity we do.

Cook for your friends

My travels have always been special, but i paid more attention to simple, small things, and allowed myself to admire and be impressed at a level i have never experienced before.

At the edge of two seas, where seamlessly they collide — Skagen, Denmark

I continued drawing, and surprised myself over and over again. It was so much fun to find simple ways to convey a message through a drawing.

up, down, left or right, what will it be, DECIDE :)

Movies became a source of inspiration. I started to find meaning in scenes, was touched by a sentence, i even looked up for scripts to read the lines over and over again.

Begin Again

And yes, there were struggles, there were days when i was too tired, sometimes lazy, sometimes not inspired. I admit, not everyday was i ultimately satisfied with the creation, and the thrill wasn’t always intoxicating, but this was inevitable.

And you know what, in contrast to this, there were days where, man, it was hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Inspiration was everywhere to be found :)

Inspiration is everywhere

As you can see, thoughts, rhymes, melodies, drawings, writings, photographs, experiences, cities, food, they were all part of these 100 days, and they meant a lot. It was, i believe, the most creative period of my life so far.

Today, i am on the other side. Arrived at the unknown destination, that seemed so distant. 100 days later, i am finished with this project. I remember thinking in the beginning, wondering how will i feel?

And again, the simplest way to put it is…

This project literally, truthfully, purely made me happy. To the point of screaming and jumping in my room when creative energy gathered in me and came pouring out.

Even more so, this journey has taught me that there indeed is something truly special and valuable to capture in each and every day. It doesn’t have to be too grand, too big, beauty lies in small things as well. It was a kind of an existential appreciation.

And today, though 100 days are over, it feels nothing like the end, but rather an exciting beginning. The 100 sparkles, slowly, but surely, kindled the fire, that i feel burning inside. I hope i will continue to be inspired and thrilled by the exciting everyday life, by the people around me, and that i will continue to express, without burden, without expectations, without thinking about rights or wrongs, but instead just focusing on the expressions and the “effervescent pearls” they are giving in return.

The world is your chance to create - DubFX

And lastly, what i have understood in the last 100 days is the diverse nature of us humans, and the creative capacities we all possess (often unaware of them). So, in that sense, i encourage everyone of you to set sail on a similar journey of discovering your creative abilities, by simply doing something fulfilling, that you’ve always wanted to do. I never stressed about the results, and it was that feeling of freedom that allowed me to speak my mind with ease. The expressions were the only thing that mattered.

If you do decide this, i wish you a good luck and a journey of enjoyment. Who knows what will you find out? Yourself maybe… :)

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