For the Love of Diapers

This ad by Pampers is for there Swaddler diapers. In the ad a new mother is holding her newborn child in a very loving way and has #1 Choice of Hospitals in bold letters. The USP, love, sleep & play, is effective by saying their diapers will be comfortable for a baby, no matter what it’s doing. The appeal that is most prominent in the advertisement is the need to nurture, it’s effective by having the image of the ad a mother and her baby as the most prominent portion of the ad.

The ad employs need to nurture primarily by the mother and newborn child. The hospital bed and hospital wristband leads me to believe that the baby was just born and Pampers uses the title of the advertisement, love at first touch, to tell the audience their diapers should be the first diaper they wear after they’re born. The second appeal in the ad is the need to feel safe. This is represented in the body copy of the ad when it says, “most trusted comfort protection of Pampers Swaddlers.” The ad gives a guarantee that their product will protect the baby that is wrapped in the diaper. The ad also has #1 Choice of Hospitals in bold to make sure the viewer knows hospitals trust the product meaning they should too. Both these appeals are effective in their own way. The need to nurture appeals to the new mothers and their want to protect and nurture their newborn baby. The need to feel safe is effective by drawing attention to the products use in hospitals for all their newborns.

This advertisement also has one very specific audience. There could be other viewers that find a connection with the ad, but the specific audience is women with a newborn baby. The ad pictures that specific demographic and puts an influence on the first touch of the diaper. The title of the ad, love at first touch, is talking about two first touches. The first is the mother holding her child for the first time and the second is the first diaper the baby feels. The ad wants the first touch of the diaper to be their product and proves its is usually the first touch in many hospitals with its number one ranking in hospital use. The demographic is reached through the ad’s image and through its guarantee of safety for the baby that even hospitals trust.

This ad has the potential to increase their sales as time goes on. Mothers will see the ad and if the guarantee is actually true and they are comfortable the moms will continue to buy the product. The guarantee of safety and its use in hospitals could also increase sales to hospitals, because if there is a hospital that doesn’t use Pampers they might change what diaper they use based on which is better for the newborns.

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