Spanish political empty statements

I was reading my twitter feed and I’ve found a tweet from a political party called “Ciudadanos” (Citizens) that said: “It is necessary to stop duplicities, overlapping, bureaucracy and not necessary expenditures in Public Admnistration”. Obvious. Isn’t it? I’ve heard this kind of statements for years. All political parties, from one side or the other, have always accused the one in power about not been efficient in the use of public money. Considering this such a gamy statement, it had 21 retweets and 10 favorites. It’s quite amazing, isn’t it? Why? Well, if such a traditional statement had come from a traditional party, I would haven’t said anything, but this is not a traditional party.

Spain has had a very monolytic spectrum of political forces since democracy was reinstalled. Something like in United Kingdom or United States: right party (People’s Party), left party (Socialist Party) and some other smaller parties mainly linked with regionalist parties (so called nationalist parties). Since the crisis punched us heavily, new parties are emerging, some from the scratch and some others minority forces with low representation in the parliament. Ciudadanos is one of this new political parties, claiming to be able to reinvent the system from inside, and I like them. But to do so you cannot make such empty statements. Also I have replied them this: “Ok, I got it, but the term “unnecessary expenditures” has a lot of interpretations. Someone can consider necessary the most stupid thing in the world, but necessary for him or her. So, which game are we playing? Are we really going to really make a change, to put well prepared people on power that really can help citizens to improve our quality of life or are we just going to make empty statements to attract more voters… Think twice before writing whatever comes to your mind on twitter please…

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