Writing in English

This is my first post in English in Medium. I usually write in Spanish, my mother tongue language. It’s easy for me to express things in Spanish, but is also challenging to try to express some non-work compositions in English. Expressing feelings, emotions or experiences is different than the typical “work-English”. How can I make use of the richness of a language from a non native speaker? Perhaps just trying on making my first post. Perhaps is simply a question of making my first step on this. Why not? Should we constraint ourselves because we do not write like Shakespeare? I don’t think so. Should I stop communicating about this with English speaking people just because I do not write like a native?

So my goal is going a be to start practicing on writing life things in English. Not just talking about technology, higher education or traveling as I usually do at my blog. I prefer to move on sharing some other topics, like lessons learned. Those are the things to share, things that can help growing other people as well as help me on enriching from others experiences.