Cryptics Prolongs Private Sale Round

The Cryptics team has taken the decision to prolong the private sale round of the project’s development to adjust to the difficult market situation.
The market situation is continuing to show negative trends and the Cryptics team has decided on a new course of action to maintain development. As a result, all investors who have already invested will not experience any changes, as the rate of the QRP Token is tied directly to Ether, which is an important element in ensuring confidence in the value of the asset. 
A compensational bonus of 20% of the initial investment will be granted to all current investors, as during this period the Cryptics team means to list the project token on several second tier exchanges and release the token to the secondary market for trading. 
The Cryptics Token Sale is certain to end in the next five months according to the team’s projections if the market situation improves and stabilizes to levels similar to those of the previous months.
The market situation is a difficult one, but the Cryptics team is confident that the drawdown is temporary, however, the project must adjust to current realities to maintain viability and to uphold its promises made to investors. We are certain that the situation will improve and that the Cryptics project will be successful. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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