Building the Future of Financial Infrastructure

Technologies like Bitcoin have an energy, human and sunk capital components that make it more like infrastructure than equities. Long term you are investing cryptocurrencies because you among others believe they will be the roads and bridges of the future of Finance, the new backbone of FinTech.

This technology is more like the protocols you never know you use such as the POP protocol or HTTPS. You use them but don’t think about them. Most importantly these are systems that have become embedded into the fabric of every day business. Think of cryptocurrencies more like email for money and we are currently using command line interfaces to use it. But sooner than you think your credit card company, you cell phone and even your video game console will begin to use this technology as a means of exchange. Simply because it is a better tool for the task. In Africa the telecommunications industry bypassed wired telephones as a widespread technology but when wireless technology arrived it exploded. Similarly the Bitcoin revolution will not be felt in the first world like it will be in the developing world. Where there is over a billion people unbanked and suddenly you have wireless, decentralized, secure banking available to those in the know and those who want to learn how to use it. So collectively we are directly investing in the networks that make this possible, in other words in the next financial revolution.

Enter the massive Adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America with

Cryptocurrencies can provide economic stability to LATAM, especially in places like Venezuela. For the adoption of the crypto mass to take place, local merchants need help.

Cripto Conserje will promote the adoption of crypto payments for merchants in LATAM through point-of-sale hardware, training and customer service. The objective of Cripto Concierge is to help Cúcuta, Colombia become the first city in the world to achieve a cryptocurrency adoption of 50%, which means that 50% or more of local merchants have a crypto POS (point of sale) system. In order to develop a framework for the commercial adoption of cryptocurrencies that enter different cities of LATAM.

Mission Statement

We believe that cryptocurrencies can provide economic stability to LATAM, particularly in places like Venezuela where communities suffer a severe shortage of food and medicines, however our ideal goal extends to the achievement of a 50% cryptographic adoption in an important city such as Dallas, Texas.

Key objectives:

Short term

Have onboard +150 merchants with POS training and hardware for the initial pilot program

Set up 300,000 paper wallets for people who live in Cúcuta

Implement online quiz to improve the general knowledge of cryptocurrencies with automatic AirDrops reward system to paper wallets to test the user experience.


Achieve + 50% adoption of crypts in a big city

Provide support and assistance to economically depressed populations such as those living in Cúcuta, Colombia, especially to Venezuelan refugees.
Show that cryptocurrencies are a viable form of digital cash in these regions.
Establish a safe and successful commercial operation that can scaled.

Cúcuta, Colombia -
is a border city with more than 300,000 Venezuelan refugees. Our vision is that Cúcuta is the first city in the world with 50% cryptocurrency adoption. Our objective is to increase the liquidity of this economy through the use of cryptocurrencies. In addition to providing humanitarian aid to the region, our goal is to encourage crypto-adaptation and to stimulate economic activity.

The Venezuelan Diaspora in Cúcuta presents a unique opportunity for this type of project. The typical volatility of crypto assets pales in comparison with the high monetary inflation of Bolívar. A decentralized system, which operates free from the requirement of trust, is perfect for a population that has lost the total faith in its corrupt and incompetent government. The need for decentralized currency in Venezuela is obvious.

Our goal with this project is to align the right economic incentives to encourage self-governing communities and autonomous projects, as well as the right educational material and leadership to win the interest of regional communities.


Market / Merchant adoption is our main objective. Establishing security and sustainability for a cryptocurrency projects means getting out of exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader’s currency” or value deposit to being a “transactional currency” means building a belief in the intersection of supply and demand.

Our project empowers local merchants to use crypto by providing the following services:

-POS Custom Android Tablet: preloaded with Toshl, Crypto Apps and introductory videos

-Cryptocurrency Airdrops to store and customers
Cryptocurrency paper wallets:

-Educational materials:

In the form of training videos and face-to-face programs


Maps, filtered by type (warehouses, pharmacies, markets, etc.)

In store location of Crypto POS (use of QR tags in retail stores)

-Help Desk / Technical support on the management of cryptographic assets.

Future services include:

-Help service for customers and merchants (regarding problems with wallets, exchanges, etc.)

-Consulting and continuing education (such as cryptographic asset management courses, taking the client through tasks such as staking, master nodes and automated trading, exchange index strategies, loans, etc.)

-Fiat exchanges as a service in POS


April 2018:

-The team begins to develop a proof of concept and to get involved with experts in the area of ​​money exchange and cryptocurrencies.

-Market research

-Determine the process of adopting market share

-Identify the need for crypto POS solutions with merchants

July 2018:

-Initial test with a pilot program (2 months) in which a small group of local merchants will use an MVP of the product and distribute the currency to the local wallets.

September 2018:

-The pilot program ends, improvements and comments integrated into the official payment network and point-of-sale solutions are open to all interested local merchants.

Market adoption strategy:

Establishing security and sustainability for a cryptographic project means getting out of exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader’s currency” or value deposit to being a transactional currency means building a belief in the intersection of supply and demand. Our plan is to identify the humanitarian needs and match them to crypto POS for:




Critical places of adoption:





-Home and Apartment Owners

Maintain liquidity:

Masternodes will be used as a method of generating cash flow and mitigating volatility for the client, while the masternodes network grows as well as the users of the crypto platforms in Colombia that in a later phase will be expanded to LATAM.

The Cripto Concierge project is aligned with the mission of the Foundation of several Cryptocurrencies and non-profit foundations like Pale Blue Foundation by Jonathan Wheeler that want to contribute to humanity through innovation. Those cryptocurrencies like ZenCash and $PAC coin will gain exposure for their brands and the adoption of users in the emerging crypto-market of LATAM.

Finally, Cripto Concierge hopes that this project will alleviate the humanitarian and economic crisis facing the population of Cúcuta by giving them an alternative payment system.

For more information visit the project page

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