Promotional Merchandise for Mobile World Congress:

Chris Rheeston
Jan 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that promotional merchandise is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when it comes to attracting new customers and also gaining more loyalty from existing customers. Promotional merchandise also continues to be a powerful tool in most marketing strategies.

But not all products are the same. Not all businesses are the same and neither are the requirements of each individual business. That is why I’m going to provide you with a list of 5 different items which will increase the effectiveness on your marketing on a daily basis. These 5 items have been carefully selected to ensure that they are the perfect giveaway items and they can all help you and your business to excel at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Continue reading below to discover them all…

Virtual Reality Goggles:

Virtual reality goggles are all the rage at the moment. We sell a range of exceptional VR googles which are made from resistant cardboard to offer a novel experience when used with your smartphone. The beauty of this product is that it can be completely customised to help draw more attention to, not only the product, but your brand. Consequently, your business will become a trendsetter at the event and the attendees will definitely remember your name and your company logo. By using this gift, you’re offering potential customers something exclusive that they will definitely use at home.

Your customers will be left jaw-dropped!

The best ally — Personalised Tote Bags:

The personalised tote bag is a product that should definitely be present at every event. One of the main reasons for this is that it is extremely useful for carrying all of the material and miscellaneous items that you receive when you’re walking around Mobile World Congress. Tote bags are available in ecological materials also and they can come undyed and in polyester so you can select the perfect bag to suit your design and also the values of your company.

The Stylus Pen:

It’s fairly safe to assume that the majority of people who are attending Mobile World Congress will have a vested interest in technology. For this reason, stylus pens can be, without a doubt, one of the essential products that you should giveaway. You can take advantage of the wide surface area to place your company logo and you can also select from a wide range of colours to pick the one which is most befitting your company.

It’s easy to get the impression that a stylus is a low-key product, but it will almost certainly surprise you just how grateful your clients will be when they receive a gift like this.

A classic that never lets you down — USB Memory Stick:

The USB memory stick has become such a classic giveaway item that it’s no longer a surprise to see these given away at events. I’m sure that you have enough memory to remember the event, the meetings that you have, providers and other events, but with our printed USB sticks you can store the information that you didn’t get a chance to tell your customers. This can be your catalogue of products, your business details and values and much, much more. In our catalogue, we have different models with different memory capacities available as well as a range of different colours so you can really surprise your customers.

Personalised T-Shirts as Gifts:

The personalised T-Shirt is one product that you need to make sure that you’re not missing. People love T-Shirts. T-Shirts also have massive potential to increase awareness for your brand. T-Shirts are also considered one of the most effective marketing tools. Giving personalised T-Shirts to your customers and visitors will ensure that you get continued publicity when you wear the T-Shirt out in public — especially if you have an eye-catching design.

We stock hundreds of different T-Shirts from different brands and in different styles so you’ll definitely have no problem finding one that suits your company and your corporate image. I would also recommend that your staff wears the T-Shirts on the day of the event as a personalised uniform. This way, everyone can associate the stand with those wearing the T-Shirts and vice versa.

All of our products have been carefully chosen and selected for their personalisation ability and their excellent function as promotional products. Different customers have relied on our services for years and we can attest to their efficiency at different events of varying character. This is why I am certain that Garment Printing can guarantee you success and also safeguard your brand from being overlooked at this years Mobile World Congress.

Chris Rheeston

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Marketing manager and content writer for Writing on stories relating to the printing and fashion industry. Views expressed are my own.

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