Well, there is another way to see this.
Mukilan Pannirselvam

I think I just realized that we in the USA were the pilot group. With the race for higher learning comes an era of success. With success comes money(at first) and security. The first successful generation usually saves until a certain feeling of security has been achieved, then begin upgrades to their lifestyles.

Beyond household essentials for daily modern life, there is an abyss called luxury. Success creates a desire for luxury which flows like the current of a river flowing toward a waterfall; seemingly faster as it nears the edge. The desire for luxury is fed by a competition to show one’s success in tangible items.

I so appreciate your perspective and there is no need to apologize. Please pursue success to your heart’s content, but take heed of my warning and do not allow yourself to become an exploitable consumer. Consumerism can help grow an economy, but can become ridiculous at some point. Once a population gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle it is very difficult to downsize. Once our lifestyle grows bigger than our salary can manage, we use credit.

It is here that the precipice resides. We in America have been involuntarily downsized. We allowed corporations to grow so big and have so few limits that they now govern our society’s way of life. They help keep wages low, debt high, and can make or break the economy of the area they choose to do business from. They are in government, they influence everything. They are currently influencing our markets through the false sustaining of stock prices through buybacks of their own shares. How did they get so big? We fed them, of course! We paid higher prices than things were worth because we had money. We bought homes that we couldn’t afford because we deserved status. We took loans for educations that were overpriced and now our country has outsourced the jobs that would make repayment possible. And now we are stuck as slaves to the plantation named “debt”.

There are many great things that come from an era of success, so please don’t be too discouraged. If you are a person who can make a living doing what you love, it is worth the lesser pay as long as you can survive. It keeps you independent of empty desires, because your life is fulfilling, thus not such easy pray for wicked marketing tactics.

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