I do see it as an assault, that fact is settled in the moment you start reading, the…
Favio Galvis

Thanks for clarifying. I see your point. Please entertain mine for a moment.

It is very common with rape/incest/molestation victims for some details to remain foggy. This is our brain’s way of protecting us from a personality fracture, as the memory will only allow a portion of the information to get through at a time.

Perhaps it helps the sufferer to attach such a personal trauma to something less personal, which allows the brain to file it under a different memory category. By drawing up an “invoice”, it allows a victim to abstractly measure an immeasurable trauma. Unfortunately, we live in a society that values everything by it’s value in USD, so that’s an acceptable stretch.

By assigning a number value, it gives the victim some control over the assault in that it detaches the self from the injury. Imagine being able to “balance” an assault then file it and move on…just like doing your monthly bills. Pretty cool psych hack, in my opinion.

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