Be A Fucking Weirdo.
J. Westenberg 🌈

This is incredible advice! Myself being a fellow oddball, there is just one additional bit of advice I have for anyone ready to leap into the weirdo pond with me:

There is always at least one hater, and you must not let them spoil your adventure. This only applies on the job and if you are just blossoming, because you truly won’t give the tiniest shit while in full bloom. This may be a lone hater or a pack leader, but their attitude is pretty much standard across haters. This person wants to know what the F’ you have to be so happy about, and is thinking how dare you bring your crazy to work with you. They ask “what’s wrong with you?” instead of “what’s right?”. This is a compliment coming from them, take it as such.

This is only important to mention because the hater is who you will become if you don’t unzip the stiff suit and step out. I believe it is the only purpose of the hater, to best advertise to you a person laden with resentment and bitterness that Jon talks about in the article above. Don’t become that; it looks sucky. Other than that they’re just negative, so steer clear and don’t engage.