There is a strange comfort in dystopian art, be it literature or film: you realize that there could be a much worse world than the one we live in.

‘Into the Badlands’ is such a production. It is a mix of martial arts, dystopian universe with medieval and feudal tones.

Although without an identifiable political manifesto, the series presents us with a violence galore, Kill Bill-like, which makes you think that, after all, our world is much better.

Secondly, the cast system which dominates this anarchic world makes you think at the social injustices around us.

But, the most important feeling of reassurance comes from the impossibility to escape. The neighbor’s grass is not better, is just as much scorched by the sun as ours.

After watching the entire series, with its plethora of crimes, lawlessness, psychopathology and ruin, I have the pleasant feeling of waking up from a nightmare.

Welcome to the real world!