Stop asking a question that doesn’t have an answer.

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There’s an existential crisis hanging out on the weather forecast of 2020 called “why is this happening?”

Believe me, I’m with you on this one, I’ve asked myself the same thing many times this year. However, I find most of the time “why” questions have no answer … at least not one that’s satisfactory.

We live in terror of these moments when we’re called into the metaphoric principal’s office.

“Why” questions automatically enlist our minds with defensiveness. Think about the last time someone asked you “why did you do XZY?” How did that feel? Cozy? No.

No matter what follows after the word “why” we hear the question as “Why do you suck so hard?

The details have been changed to protect the guilty. (Fiction Friday)

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Photo by ali barzegarahmadi on Unsplash

“Shit,” he says, “it’s all fucking shit. I entertain the masses. I make magic for the whole damn room. They’d all be bored as hell in their little predictable boy-girl romantic comedies without me, but no one wants to hear my side of the real story. She’s been talking to everyone, and everyone believes I’m the bad guy. She’s been playing nothing but power games since I broke up with her.”

She broke up with him.

“She wouldn’t have sex with me. Now she won’t even talk to me.”

“Why do you think that is?” I reply.

“She’s a selfish bitch, I already told you!” …


Cris Beasley

I help heal the thought loops that keep people stuck in fear and worry. I created Becoming Dragon, a card deck about emotional resilience.

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