Yet Another Recap

Ok, this recap will be short, I promise. About 1 year ago I started a blog to write my journey into becoming a professional web developer. Before that, I had experience doing mostly embedded C and some C# development, plus a bunch of personal projects involving websites, the last one being a web design agency that wasn’t very successful. Thing is, some journeys are long and others are short, and this one was shorter than expected (at least the relevant part). Last June I started working for Headspring in Houston, Texas as a Frontend Developer, which quickly turned into Full-Stack (ASP.NET MVC and Java), and since then I’ve been pretty much focused in catching up on C# and Java, and growing in many areas where I wasn’t very good, most notably the ability to estimate how long a task might take. Soft skills are as important as coding skills when working in large teams.

So, 7 months forward (and many stories yet to tell), and the blog is being revamped in Medium, since I feel I’m falling a bit behind with all the changes in the JavaScript world, and writing about it is a good incentive for me to keep reading, coding and mastering the language. Also, because being Full-Stack often means that there’s not much to do on the frontend part (because there’s an excellent UX team dealing with the design, interactions and overall user experience), and skills need to be kept sharp.

Still, it’s been a great journey, and so far I’ve worked with Knockout, AngularJS and React, plus a fair dose of raw JavaScript, the usual dose of jQuery on some older projects and even some Node.JS which is getting a lot of support from Microsoft and, in my opinion, creates a great opportunity for JS developers to demonstrate some of the strengths of Node.JS in tandem with what the classic .NET stack can offer.

And, that’s mostly it for now. The journey continues, now focused in mastering JS and making it easier for others to use the latest and greatest while increasing productivity.

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