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10 interaction design rules you must never break cover image
10 interaction design rules you must never break cover image

In life, there are certain rules you must never break. If you do there will be hell to pay. In User Interface design there are also rules to live by. They are called “heuristics” or general principles that improve usability in user interfaces. These are repeatable patterns that have been tested over time and help users navigate an interface. A well-designed interface will always contemplate the following principles. A not so well designed interface will surely lack one or more of these principles. …

Practical tips and strategies for productive remote work

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Remote work has always been in our radar, but now it’s in full swing. Some of us have been doing remote work for years. Others are complete newcomers to the game. But no matter what your background, remote work is altering the way we work and it’s here to stay.

The good news is that in today’s hyperconnected digital world it’s easier than ever to work from home or anywhere else for that matter. This work modality offers many benefits like time flexibility and no commute. But it comes with its own set of challenges like personal organization and social…

How to think like a world-class Product Designer

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The top professionals in any industry are not differentiated from their peers by what they do or by which skills the posses, but by HOW and WHY they do what they do. In any given market you’ll find thousands of professionals with the same skills, knowledge, and proficiency, yet what is it that separates the top performers from the rest? It is not skill, but mindset. In essence it is how they think. Their way of thinking and how they approach problems is what makes them highly effective.

If the professional design career landscape were a game of chess, the…

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There are interactive experiences that simply blow you away. You know it’s been a positive experience but you just can’t put your finger on the reason why. Do you know why that is? It’s because a multitude of factors came together to make the experience unforgettable. It’s not just a singular thing, but a combination of elements which satisfied you on multiple levels. Some of these hit you on a conscious level like the correct placement of buttons or the graceful flow of data on screen. …

We’re halfway into 2019 and you would think we were past the UX/UI conundrum, but some people still can’t tell the difference between the User Experience and the User Interface.

There’s an ocean of content out there attempting to explain the User Interface and the User Experience, but most do a poor job by using very simple language that falls short of the real thing. In most explanations UX and UI design are presented as separate disciplines altogether, and although they are different concepts, in the practice of design they are more connected than most people think. So for those readers still trying to make sense of this, here goes my attempt at demystifying UX and UI.

To get past the confusion we must first understand the multidimensionality of UX…

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