New Study Finds Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage “Achieved its Goal”
Paul Constant

a lot of people come out and say “higher minimum wage hurts business and therefore the community” but every time it happens the community only sees benefits

I will never understand how a business owner sleep while paying his employees only $7.50 or so per hour

I would love to see a community consensus on some general parameters:

  • 1x 40h/wk work should allow 1 person to live independently
  • their housing should be code compliant and stay under 30% of their income
  • there should be some money in the budget for ‘fun’, like cinema, concert or restaurant

at 15k/year gross you end up with a monthly housing budget of less than $350 — I really wonder if there are any places where you can rent an apartment for $300 — because there are still utilities to pay …..

what kind of business model does rely on indirect subsidies (welfare to employees) which are basically welfare to the company (Walmart anyone??)

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