Jack — Oct. 20, 2016

Found photo of you from September

It’s been five minutes since you left. It’ll be a year before I see you again. If we make it that long without forgetting, or getting trapped under a heavy object. What I actually mean is: if you can make it that long without forgetting me. I could only not show up if I was held back by a heavy object, a very heavy one, like a boulder, or an elephant. Haha.

I know I’m being meladromatic, but still. We said no contact for a year. That’s crazy! Why did we decide to do that? Whose idea was it? It hasn’t even been an hour now, and I’m having a hard time taking a breath. If I took a picture of myself now, you’d think I had just been told I had three months to live.

Since I can’t write you, I’m writing to the world. I’ve used a pseudonym. If you find this blog by accident, and think it’s me, and follow the blog, it won’t really be cheating. It’ll be fate.

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