The Power of Actually Doing Things

it was Wednesday, with a group of friends we were planning to get out of town and make a BBQ on the next Friday. We all agreed on a time, I prepared myself psychologically and the next thing I knew was that most of them bailed out.

Now I had a free day and before planning what to do I went to Product Hunt to check out new products and listen to their podcast, I was amazed about how incredible is creating a company around a community... at the same time I was wondering why there aren’t any good tech podcast in Spanish.

I grabbed my phone texted a couple of friends mentioning the idea of starting a podcast, they loved the idea and suddenly I said, “Let’s do it, lets record our first episode tomorrow”... Fast forward we named it “La Hora del Tech” (Spanish pun of tea time).

Today we are recording our third episode and we are being featured by Itunes on the New & Noteworthy podcast section and we were really proud since we didn’t have the remotely idea of what we were doing.

Not knowing something isn’t a good reason to give it a try, improving while learning is the best way of doing things doesn’t matter if it’s a business or a hobby.

So what are you waiting for, what’s stopping you to follow your dreams? just do it or like we say in Honduras #hacelopue.

Here are the links to our podcast (Itunes, Soundcloud), hear it and tweet me to @Crisgarner your thoughts and feedback ☺