Banking digital transformation

Whole Bank has detected that the conventional Credit/Debit System shows big inconveniences for traveling customers, such as damaging or lost of physical cards, shops sometimes don’t allow credit/debit card payment.

In the purse of migrating from a traditional bank to a more technological and user-friendly company, Whole Bank would like to develop a tool to let the bank customers pay without having to use the physical card, through a new feature on their already existing app.


In order to understand the possibilities of the new feature, I have interviewed 5 people that range from 33 to 65, all of them are frequent travelers who feel confident with the smartphone.

After the interviews I find out the folowwing finding:

  • They mainly pay by card but they all bring some cash during their trips. They think cards are not reliable enough because they all have had problems paying by card at some point.
  • Some of them withdraw cash from the ATM instead of paying by card because they don’t know how much will be charged for their transactions.
  • Most of them are fed up with how rapidly their cards are damaged, but is not an issue when traveling.
  • 4 out of 5 have their banking app downloaded. These one like to check it regularly, almost every day.
  • One of them consults their bank transactions every day while traveling, to check if there is any misunderstanding.


All the interviewers like to pay by card but they feel secure having some cash in their pockets. That way they can control better their expenses and extra fees.

None of them have ever considered paying by phone but they would be open to trying it. Even though, they have their concerns about:

  • Security: How to know they are in a secure connection.
  • Security: What happens if their phone is lost or stolen.
  • Charges: How much they will be charged for each transaction. Currency exchange rates are not always clear and they don’t control extra fees.
  • Interface: They think the interface has to be fast and easy, as much as paying with the card.


The mind map below is a summary of the pain-points extracted from the interviews.

The main problem I will try to solve is how to make the users aware of the currency exchange rate and how can control they extra fees.


This picture shows how it would be the experience of paying with the Whole Bank app.

When you have already logged in to the Whole Bank app, it will display the main menu (Screen1) where you can find the Mobile Pay option.

Once there, you choose the card you want to use for paying and it will display your available money (Screen2). If you have switched on the location, the screen will show you the exchange rate of the county where you are. You are now ready to put the phone on the POS machine and get to the next screen.

Here you can see the amount of money to pay in you own currency and the foreign one, both with details of the fees charged. Transaction can be also canceled. (Screen 3)

If you accept it, you will see the details of that transaction and you can now categorise it to have a more detailed resume of your trip expenses. (Screen 4)

The app will have the option to get notifications, so everytime you are in a new country you will get a pop up notification with the currency exchange rate.


I have really enjoyed interviewing people, even though I am aware I need to train my skills to make the most out of it. It’s amazing how many insight you can get only by talking with people.

Choosing one problem to tackle is useful, otherwise you get lost in your ideas.