Yoga in Brisbane — How to choose the right yoga studio for you

There are loads of yoga studios in Brisbane, so how do you know which one is best for you? Yoga in Brisbane is a really popular activity and yoga studios are popping up everywhere in Brisbane.

Here’s a few things to consider when choosing a yoga studio:

What style of yoga classes do they teach?

If you’re new to yoga, then you probably want to start with some beginner yoga classes or gentle yoga classes.

If you’ve practiced yoga before, then you will want Yoga classes that will cater to your level of skill. Yoga classes that will give you options or modifications to suit your body and level of practice.

If you’re rehabilitating from injury or illness then look for gentle yoga classes such as restorative or yin yoga.

Also, look for a variety of different yoga classes and teachers so that you can mix it up.

Does the yoga studio have a holistic focus or is it more of an exercise class?

Yoga is traditionally a mind and body practice, so traditional Yoga Studios in Brisbane will focus not just on the yoga poses, but also breathing exercises and will have a focus on mindfulness and meditation.

If you just want to exercise and sweat, then look for a yoga studio that teaches Power Yoga which is an athletic style of yoga with less emphasis on the mind/body connection.

Are the yoga teachers experienced?

Yoga teachers require a minimum of 200 hours of training, however to be accredited with Yoga Australia (the professional body of yoga), yoga teachers require a minimum of 350 hours of training. There are many yoga studios in Brisbane and what really sets them apart from one another is the quality of their yoga teachers. Ask your teacher how much training they have had and how long they have been teaching for. At Cultivate Calm Yoga, all of our teachers have been carefully chosen based on their knowledge and professional experience. Also consider the teaching style, does the yoga teacher create a warm and friendly environment for your Brisbane yoga class?

The yoga studio itself

Is the yoga studio itself pleasant, clean and inviting? What’s the overall atmosphere like? At Cultivate Calm Yoga we’re pretty relaxed. There’s no competitive vibe, we’re not concerned about whether you’re wearing the latest yoga clothes. We’re friendly and we like to get to know you so that we can tailor our yoga classes to our students. We welcome everybody, men and women, young and old, newbies and experienced yogis as well as people of all shapes and sizes.

The yoga timetable

Check out the yoga class timetable and see if it suits your schedule. Make sure the classes fit with your work or home schedule so that you can attend your yoga class at your convenience.


Most yoga studios in Brisbane have similar pricing, although Cultivate Calm Yoga is one of the most affordable in Brisbane. Make sure the yoga studio has flexible membership offers so that you can get the most out of your yoga practice and the biggest bang for your buck.

Does your Brisbane yoga studio offer an extras?

At Cultivate Calm Yoga we provide free yoga mats (most yoga studios in Brisbane charge you for this), we let your keep your personal mats at the studio for convenience, we have books for loan and out yoga teachers are happy to talk to your after class about your yoga practice or answer any yoga questions you may have. There is also free street parking.

Finally, most yoga studios in Brisbane have introductory offers where you can try out their Brisbane yoga classes for a discounted price. At Cultivate Calm Yoga we offer 5 yoga classes for $30. This way you can try our Brisbane yoga studio, check out the teachers and timetable and see for yourself if it’s right for you.