Development Innovations is a company that continues to create apps that are forward thinking and innovative. The more recent project that they released has been in the games categories. It falls in the category of infinite running games and is absolutely nothing like any of the others. There’s no angry grandma running after you or an unruly child vandalizing trains. Super Dash Run is an app that incorporates a hilarious storyline before you see your character burst through the streets and start dodging oncoming traffic and many other obstacles.

Picture this for a storyline… Our fictional characters, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan are rushing down the stairs so that they can get in the car. Mrs. Nolan is still trying to get her earring in her ear and Mr. Nolan is still straightening up his tie. When they finally make it through the living room, they see their sweet, innocent little girl (Beth) on the couch looking bored as ever as she slowly sips her diet soda through a straw. Before walking out the door, Mr. Nolan says, “Hi sweetheart! Listen, your mother and I are going out with the Johnsons tonight. We’ll be away for a couple of hours, so don’t wait up! Also, there’s one last thing… No friends are allowed over while we’re gone! Do you understand?” Beth continues looking at the television while uttering the words “sure dad…” As soon as her parents walk out the front door, her dad takes one look over his left shoulder and says, “okaaaaay… remember what I said. No friends over while we’re away. And no Christian Skater either…”

As soon as Mr. Nolan walks out the door, Beth hops on the phone and calls her boyfriend over, Christian Skater. When he gets there, his baggy pants, messy hair and grunge look was nothing short pretty much sealed the deal on why her dad refused to let Beth see him. He’s literally the “bad news” guy. As he and Beth sit down and listen to a little music, watch a few music and talk about various topics, the conversation starts to take a shift in another direction. They move in a little closer for the kiss that they’ve been waiting for all day. As soon as they pucker up their lips, Mr. Nolan bursts through the door with his fists balled up and rage in his eyes.

When you’re stuck in a situation like this, you’re left wondering, do I say “hello” or do I run? Christian Skater decides to take the latter once he sees Mr. Nolan taking a lunge at him. Christian gets up and jumps through the window and takes off running down the street. Mr. Nolan takes off after him and they begin the journey of a lifetime.

Now, let’s take this story and make it into a real-life app! Super Dash Run is not only hilarious, it’s awesome! So, check it out for yourself and try to avoid getting caught by an angry dad who just wants to getcha…

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