What’s wrong with our world?

That’s the question I ask myself whenever I see advertising or news about raving about how virtual reality headsets are the be-all-end-all of technology.

Seriously, are we so desperate to escape our world that we need goggles to wear that show us something different?

How about instead of focusing only on an illusion we focus on fixing what we see is wrong in the world?

Don’t get me wrong, this world is far from perfect, but to try and escape it through a false reality does not strike me as a sustainable solution.

I’m a big fan of technology but not when it’s used as a distraction from real issues that need addressing.

This may be a bit short for a Medium story, but there isn’t much else for me to say in the topic. If you agree, clap 👏 to show it. If you disagree, tear me apart in the responses section (it’s America, we’re all entitled to an opinion).