It’s been said that the best camera is the one you have with you. This may seem trite, but it is nonetheless true.

In today’s world, that usually means the best camera is an iPhone (or Android). Being an Apple fanboy, in my case it certainly is an iPhone. With that in mind, I wanted to put together something together to help you bring your photography game up a notch, using nothing more than what you probably already have in your pocket.

For this first installment, I thought it would be fun to keep things simple but also explore a…

Curent Mood

It’s been a month of sheltering in place and I’ve found that there are good ways and bad ways to keep from going crazy.

One quick comment here: as horrible as everything that’s going on here is, I’m trying to look on the bright side, and I’ve found one thing that’s pretty sweet. Now, instead of people looking at me like I’m a psychopathic germaphobe when I use Clorox wipes on everything I own, they look at me and nod with approval (probably thinking to themselves, “How prudent.”).

Back to staying busy in a quarantine.

Social Media

First off, let me just…

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You know when you’re trying to walk in a straight line but you can’t because the person in front of you is staring into their phone screen like it’s some soul encompassing future-view life mirror that’s causing them to walk in a subtle yet infuriating zig-zag? Yeah, that drives me crazy. It’s one of the main reasons I have days where I feel like we should all just burn the phones. All of them.

Maybe then we could go back to a time where it was appropriate not to answer your phone whenever someone calls since you didn’t always have…

Source: Cristofer Jeschke

I try to keep my house and office clean, like show-home clean as much as possible. Unless I’m actively using a room, it doesn’t look like it’s being used. Things are put back where they belong, pillows are fluffed, blankets are draped, books are stacked. Everything has a place.

I wasn’t always that way. When I was young, my room was the messiest in the house. I knew where everything was, but there were little piles of things, I didn’t really worry about putting things back, and it was just generally disorderly. …

An Illustrated Guide to Send to Your Boss

In hopes of improved workplace coordination, increased productivity and heightened morale, I have compiled ten of the most common reasons people don’t like meetings.

I’m just the messenger.

1. It could have been an email.

Or: Should I Buy More Equipment?

Sony 100–400mm GM

Owning a paintbrush doesn’t make you Picasso-that’s pretty common knowledge. That said, you aren’t going to be a painter without one. Thus, the inevitable question: does better (read: new, nicer, etc.) gear make you more creative?

In short, no. But in reality, the truth is a bit more complicated.

I downsized my kit about a year ago. I sold some lenses and a camera body and decided to see what would happen. It worked out pretty well.

For client shoots I rented anything I needed that I didn’t own. This was actually a good way to go since many times…

A Photographic Break Free

© Cristofer Jeschke

I’d never been to Canada.

It’s been five years since I’ve been able to leave the country. The frightful combination of a stolen Green Card and an expired passport left me stranded. Obviously, the remainder of the United States remained within my domain, but there’s something about being in a country and not being able to leave that gives a person a distinct feeling of being trapped. It might not be that way for everyone, but it certainly was for me.

The day after I got my passport in the mail (FedEx really), I packed my car and took off…

For anyone who thinks being an artist, a creator, whatever you want to call it, is easy, I’ve got news for you. It’s not, it’s hard work.

Sure, there are days when the words flow, the ideas pour out of you, you’re dripping in inspiration and the world is a bright, bright place.

But most days are ordinary days. Most days you’re just a regular person with regular thoughts, regular problems, regular duties. And when you’re done with the regular things, you realize you haven’t created anything yet. And the easiest thing to do is to climb into bed and…

You don’t need this. Source: Cristofer Jeschke Instagram

Let’s face it, it’s good to spend some time outdoors but a lot of us miss the opportunity to do so. Camping, in particular, is a topic that brings one word rapidly to mind: “preparation”.

Being an Eagle Scout, I’m quite familiar with the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared.” That said, I think it can be extremely beneficial to be the opposite. Being unprepared lends itself well to adventure.

I bought a tent a couple of years ago. It’s still in its original packaging. Since buying the tent I’ve gone camping many times. …

Cristofer Jeschke Instagram

While worldwide life expectancy is at an all-time high we’re also faced with ailments that have no ready cure. These include social media, video game, TV, status and praise addiction, depression, anxiety, stress and more.

It’s no secret that more people than ever are glued to their devices in an effort to curb their hunger for attention, feel better about themselves, find meaning, and stay entertained.

The sad fact remains that the dopamine high resulting from the instant gratification our devices provide fades quickly and we’re left craving more.

What then is the solution to this seemingly unassailable problem, the…

Cristofer Maximilian

Photographer and Educator living in the Pacific Northwest | Contributor at The Startup, Art+Marketing, and more |

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