Brands and #BackToTheFuture in 2015

Pepsi, Nike, Ford and Universal are recreating and commercializing the product placements they used in #BackToTheFutureII. when McFly visits 2015. Brilliant!

From The New York Times 20/10/2015:

The future arrives tomorrow, in case you haven’t heard: Oct. 21, 2015, is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to, from the 1980s, in “Back to the Future II.”

Many websites — like CNET, Gizmodo, ScienceAlert, The Upcoming and The New York Times — are taking a look at the 1989 movie’s predictions of what 2015 would be like and comparing them to today’s reality.

And then there are the companies imitating art, or at least trying to replicate the movie’s product placements.

Pepsi, for one, is coming out with Pepsi Perfect, the drink McFly buys in the fictional 2015. About 5,000 limited-edition bottles (the drink inside is regular Pepsi) will be sold starting Wednesday, for $20.15 each.

Nike has reportedly been working on a self-lacing version of the Nike Mag trainers from the movie.

Ford has a commercial for new 2015 models with flux capacitors, which allow time travel. (“For recreational use only,” the video’s fine print warns. “Interfering in major historical events is illegal.”)

And Universal has made a trailer for the movie playing in theaters in the 2015 depicted in “Back to the Future”: “Jaws 19.”

See the JAWS 19 Trailer here

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