Making sushi with my 6yr old

I had never attempted at making sushi rolls until my 6 year old volunteered to help. Success comes from preparation. Here are the things we learned which made the first-time experience enjoyable.

A trip to the local Japanese supermarket is key to simplify the process. One of the perks of living in the diversified silicon valley. Bottled sushi seasoning is a time (and life) saver. Covering the bamboo mat with food wrap makes the cleanup a breeze.

Upon hearing our plan to make sushi for lunch, a mom at the gymnastic class said “Making rice is the hard part. I gave up and just buy the sushi rice”. But don’t give up just yet! Home made rice is one of the best and most fun parts, and it’s easy with some tips:

  1. Simply use your regular rice cooker. Make sure to wash the rice a few times until the water runs clear before cooking the rice.
  2. After the rice is cooked and while it’s still hot, move it to a big wooden bowl. Add sushi seasoning according to the amount specified on the bottle, and stir gently for a few minutes to mix in. The wooden bowl helps absorbing excess moisture. (Getting a little help was nice.)

Feel free to save the sushi grade fish for grownups. Simple ingredients, such as spam, avocado and lightly boiled spinach, are perfect for kids. I use half sheet of the square nori to make mini sushi rolls.

It’s important to prepare a bowl of water and added a few drops of white vinegar. Dip your fingers before working with the sushi rice, so that it won’t stick to your hand too much.

Put a thin layer of rice and other ingredients on top of the half nori sheet. Leave some space at the top of the sheet.

When rolling, press evenly and on all sides of the role. Don’t press too hard.

Remember to dip the knife in the bowl of vinegared water before cutting. Present and serve!

I’m proud of the last picture which I managed to took while my family was fighting for grabbing the sushi rolls. A sweet Mommy and Daughter time plus getting the whole family happily fed. Can’t top this.

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