5 Benefits of Being Loyal to Your Favorite Team

Wrigley Field (not a Cubs Fan)

Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to talk about an interesting topic that has captivated my brain. As you might know, time is limited on a person who is going to school, working full time, or running a business. Even though watching our favorite team should be at the bottom of your busy schedule, we still manage to watch, follow, and track our teams on multiple devices. One night, as I watched my Angels I asked myself, “What am I gaining or benefiting from watching this?” Maybe this is too deep of thinking, but I’m the type of person that gets really entertained when something is making me better. I then came up with 5 different benefits that you should take into consideration if deciding whether watching sports is really worth it.

#1 It keeps you optimistic.

Before every season there is a feeling of optimism, as well as throughout the season if your team is in contention for a post season bid. Even if your team is in last place, a loyal fan always looks at the positive and knows there is a clean slate for next year and to build upon during their current year. This can be a great trait to carry into the real world, seeing the positive in cruddy situations.

LA Memorial Coliseum watching USC Football Nov. 2015

#2 You can meet new people and make friendships.

When you show up to your team’s arena or stadium, you will obviously see that there are many fans who are wearing similar team gear, which always opens opportunity for conversation about your favorite team. My favorite is definitely tailgates before a big game. Being a fan will naturally make you engage with others whether it is rooting or booing at the game. A prime example of this is Super Bowl parties that gather many friends in one place.

#3 It makes you stay and become active.

Chances are that you have played the sports you watch, which first intrigues us to a certain team. We become inspired by watching those who are the best at the sports we love. This can be taken even deeper by studying the plays and tactics our favorite sports figures use to become successful. Constantly seeing players who are in shape will put thoughts in your head that staying in shape is awesome!

My Beautiful wife and I at the BIG A.

#4 You can create a better bond with your spouse or loved one.

If your spouse joins you in watching a game or going to the stadium with you, it is almost guaranteed that you will bond together cheering on your team. I feel like this is especially true for me personally because my wife now loves going to games and gives us another activity of following and supporting our hometown teams. There can be a special bond that is shared about being together and technically you two are going out on a date, at least that’s why I tell my wife. :)

#5 You will make lifelong memories.

Chicago Cubs fans can probably relate to this the most, not because of winning their World Series, but of all the seasons that came in between. I have certainly remembered every special moment as a kid that happened while watching my teams. You can see it with fans wearing jersey’s of legendary players and throwback jerseys of better, or worse times for their teams. Even through the disappointments of my teams, the successes and trophies have made it all that much worth it. It’s the special moments that last a life time.


The main point that a reader should get from this is that the loyalty of your team is not going to waste because it is actually benefitting you in ways you might not know about. My father, who has since passed, taught me to read by reading the sports section of the LA TIMES. Every time I watch my teams I always think of those happy moments that I once had with him. These types of memories and feelings of positivity are naturally good for your well being. Please give me a review and let me know what you think!

Best Regards,

Cris Pacheco

Instagram/Twitter: @crispachecointl