The financial sector is one of the ecosystems to experience the impact of the real value of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has advanced the growth of traditional financial institutions like banks, credit companies, Insurance companies, and lots more. Fintech enterprises can improve customer experience, quality of service, and introduce innovative ideas for the satisfaction of their customers.

Solutions by Crispersoft

Crispersoft, a software development company based in Ukraine, understands the needs of the Fintech industry and offers innovative software solutions using technologies that drive customer retention and allows companies to gain a huge chunk of the market share. We develop…

It is a matter of survival, yes, you read correctly. Today, across the diverse industries and diverse business ecosystems, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we do things, and every company that intends to maintain or get a fair share of the pie in their niche must be willing to invest in AI development for their business.

As humans, already in our daily lives, we are already enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence from simple chatbots on e-commerce stores to complex data analysis for weather reports. …

Ukraine has become an essential destination for IT outsourcing companies in the USA. In general, 60% of engineers who live and work in Ukraine are outsourced to the United States, being the largest consumer of their quality and innovative services.

Ukrainian IT companies in the USA-market are among the top service providers for companies who rely on the talents in Ukraine to develop, research, and test their new products and innovative ideas.

Crispersoft is one of such innovative and talent-driven companies you can contact for your software development solutions. …

IT outsourcing has become a global trend and has genuinely provided critical services needed in software development. Many start-up companies rely on the talents made available through outsourcing to be able to scale the hurdles and labor demands of the early years.

Most companies in the USA, for example, are likely to outsource to Ukraine, Canada, India, Nigeria, and many other countries. Also, companies across the world have significantly increased their business productivity, market their applications faster, and save a considerable amount in finance with outsourcing.

Crispersoft, a software development company in Ukraine, has competent developers that clients from across…

Since its release more than two decades JavaScript has become popular among web developers today, with over 90% of website using this unique programming language. This programming language is understood by the browser, and it has become a vital tool for simplifying user-experience by visitors to a website.

As a client-side (frontend) programming language, it has become a reliable tool used by developers to create dynamic and interactive client-side scripts that are easy to read, understand, and edit. Developers leverage its cross-platform development interface like ReactJS designed by Facebook and Angular created by Google for writing server-side codes in JavaScript.

neural networks by Crispersoft
neural networks by Crispersoft

The Ukrainian IT company Crispersoft presents an innovative face recognition system for a wide range of applications — more importantly, in the field of security.

The company studies the issues related to artificial intelligence and develops software to solve business problems of any complexity, using advanced technologies since 2012.

Face Recognition System Basics

This system offers a technology with which you can identify a person (or authenticate) by a digital image or video frame. In the first case, the intelligent system answers the question: “Who are you?” And in the second, it determines: “Are you the one you impersonate?”


Most owners of commercial Internet sites (portals, online stores, catalogs) often underestimate the design of a website as a significant part of the success of building a business.

Large commercial sites located on the top lines of search engines, as well as eminent market leaders, carry out a complete redesign of their websites at least one time in 3 years! It is this approach that allows them not only to hold the top positions but also to increase the volume and loyalty of their audience every month.

How website redesign can boost sales

A website is one of the links that form a complete business model…

Crispersoft is an IT development company located in Ukraine with a specialization in software development or upgrade of any kind. The company was established in 2012 and has since been able to implement many innovative projects and designs.

Our web technologies are top class, and our data management system ensures that we create something truly unique that makes you stand out among your competitors while gaining more market share in your sphere of business. …

CrisperSoft Company

Crispersoft is a custom software development company with a top-skilled crew of programmers, web-designers & engineers.

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