Traditional vs self-publishing?

The painless way to get your book published

After spending weeks and months working, you finally find yourself holding your final manuscript in your hands. Now all you need is an easy way to get it published. However, making sure your book is widely distributed should be your highest priority, so a wider audience can enjoy the benefits of your hard work. If you are serious about your writing, you should treat publishing, distribution, and most importantly marketing as a serious matter. Only after you’ve ticked all those necessary boxes should you expect your book to get noticed or anticipate revenue as a result of these laborious months.

Self-publishing, as many of you may have already worked out, is an incredibly seductive option for those starting out in publishing; however, it’s one that also comes with many challenges. For instance, you might have a brilliant manuscript finished and ready to go and then find yourself lost in the world of cover designs and formatting for Kindle, Nook, and what have you. Or perhaps you haven’t yet given any thought to the printing, distribution, or marketing elements responsible for either making or breaking the success of your debut book. Truth be told, it is very easy to find yourself overwhelmed by this enormous task—and who could blame you? Self-publishing is indeed a very seductive choice, but becoming a successful self-published author cannot be achieved without hard work and tremendous personal determination.

You might’ve heard about our painless way to get your book published. If not, then please take the time to check out this limited opportunity here.

Becoming a published author is exciting, but being prepared in advance and maximizing opportunities for book sales should appeal to anyone who wishes to earn a living by their writing. That’s even truer during the few months before Christmas, when book sales tend to increase massively. So if you have been writing throughout the summer, we’ll gladly assist you with the rest, helping you to get your book properly formatted, printed, packaged, and distributed — but you must act fast in order to get this deal.

Being a traditionally published author these days does not hold the same charm as it did in the past; it also requires a great deal of resolve, especially when rejection letters start to pour in. This is where literary agents can be of great help, by steering your book into the right publishing direction and advise you on suitable publishers.

At Zest Publishing, we are constantly receiving and reviewing previously self-published manuscripts. And after studying the recent boost in self-publishing, we’ve noticed that potential titles for the best sellers list are failing to get noticed, simply because authors are disregarding the basic fundamentals in book publishing: marketing and distribution.

Fortunately for them and other aspiring authors, they can now get published with confidence through Zest Publishing, having the best of both worlds:

  • The freedom to self-publish whenever and whatever
  • Accessible, expert traditional publishing assistance
  • Enjoying 100% of revenues and lifetime royalties

If you visit, you will see a number of publishing services designed to help authors during one of the most important stages of publishing. Our services include editing and formatting to cover design, printing and more.

We aim to make publishing as painless as possible, leaving you to write your best book yet.

Once published, we’ll distribute your book via Ingram globally, including Amazon, Kindle, bookstores, Google Play, and more.

Until very recently, publishing a book was rather difficult and only available to established household names. But, self-publishing has now opened up new doors, allowing more people to get started and some to even have a real chance to becoming a successful published author.

If you’re looking to step up beyond simply publishing to a smaller crowd, consider our advanced packages. These packages allow writers to concentrate entirely on the content of their book; whilst we focus on the mechanisms, giving their message a better chance of being noticed in this increasingly noisy world.

Join us today, and explore how our publishing model can put your book on the road to success.

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