Inequality and Technology: Mini Lesson

This is a pre-class assignment. Of course, someone else could take the responses and answers from this assignment and use them to spark a discussion in class.

The question at hand is “Why are women and persons of color underrepresented within the technology field? What are the consequences of this underrepresentation?”

In this assignment there will be two readings: one is titled “The Stats On Women In Tech Are Actually Getting Worse” and the other is titled “The Latest Stats on Women in Tech”. The students will be asked to read both articles, with the latter having a more optimistic view than the former.

In a response, students will be asked if they believe the situation of women in computer science and/or technology fields is getting better or not, and explain by citing the stats that speak to them the most. It will also be interesting to hear their own stories and anecdotes pertaining to their view of diversity in the fields. The second part of the response will be to brainstorm ways of making this issue known to those that work in technology, as well as how to improve the numbers presented in the infographic.

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