Building Mobile Apps With Ionic and AngularJS

Are you a web developer and building your mobile app for the first time? If you think those skills will be of no help while creating a mobile app then thats a myth. You can create a mobile app with your web skills, all thanks to cordova. It will let you use your HTML5 and JS basics to create an app that will work for all platforms.

What is Angular?

Angular is a server side framework driven by google. It is a path breaking technology that offers two way data binding and dependency injection. Data binding with angular is is powerful. When the UI updates, Angular manages to update it model to match the UI. Angular makes communication with the servers effective. Developers love this framework because it is powerful and hence it is faster to build apps using AngularJS as compared to other javascripts.

With Angular you can reuse the same logic on multiple platforms and at the same time customise as per requirement for each platform. The functionality of the app remains seperate with the UI of the app.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is a framework that is built on top of Angular framework. Ionic is a UI library with fantastic inbuilt options available which helps the developers to build an attractive frontend for the users. If you are a web developer, its easy for you to understand if I say ionic for mobile is what bootstrap framework for web is.

Apart from that, ionic also makes push notification and analytics integration with the app easy.

Why is the combination deadly?

Angular is effective solution when it comes to developing logic and framework while ionic focusses on making your app look beautiful following the web standards. Using them together means using angular for the logic part and iconic for HTML5 and JS part. The combination is a winner because with Angular you can develop an applications complex as you want to and still have the best of UI with the help of ionic.

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