Path to 120 Block Time Part[1/6] ESBC

In my last article “An Inside for the Blockchain update in ESBC” we talk about the new update from ESBC, all the changes and as I promised this “series” of 6 articles dedicate to analize and talk about this path.

The Path

Part 1. “Restructuring MN Levels”

This week one have been full of changes, like we talk in the last article the MN structure change complete.

“Is all about best way to seek a good profit”.

This as the last structure a day before the count to the update comes to 0, just 1 platinum MN activate and the profit not soo good just with 1440 ESBC coins peer day.

07–04–2019 before the block time change +10

Minutes after the update the restructuring begin, we saw a movent from all leves, and for first time 2 Platinum MN and wait the important reward 9625 ESBC peer day.

08–04–2019 morning block time + 10

What is this Restructuring means?

Lest take a fragment from my last article:

Things that we can expect to happen:
* Several MN Gold owners will upgrade to platinum.
* Several owners of MN Silver will upgrade to Gold.
* Many who kept doing PoS moved to bronze or to the other differents levels.
08–04–2019 night block time + 10

We can see that exacly 10 MN Golds became 2 new platinum MN, and the same happen with all the levels, people in PoS went to bronze.

13–04–2019 night block time + 10

In this photo (taking today) we can see the “final” change for this week update, 7 new platinum join to new structure.

New Changes

1- Not just the structure change, also we can observe that the frequency of the rewards is less and this are the new value for ich reward by tier:

  • Bronze : 6,75 ESBC
  • Silver:9 ESBC
  • Gold : 11.25 ESBC
  • Platinum : 13.5 ESBC

2- The amont of active MN

  • Before update 639
  • Right after update 459
  • Today 559

This means more investment, more people deploying MN in all levels, and this just first week.

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