Reasons Why NOT to Watch “13 Reasons Why”
Taylor Kurosad

I hear you loud and clear. I believe that the creators of the series 13 Reasons Why had the right idea by releasing a show that would not sugar coat the reality of these topics. However, I do believe their intentions backfired, as they went about it in a way that might have been almost TOO raw. Topics like suicide, rape, and bullying are topics that are difficult to discuss. 13 Reasons Why brought these topics to center stage and started those conversations about how to deal with these issues. In the process however, people who were already in a difficult spot may not have seen this as an inspiration to get help. Instead, google searches on “how to kill myself” or “how to commit suicide” increased by 17% about a month after the release of the show. Although I appreciate the intentions of the producers of this show, I believe there may have been alternative ways for them to tackle their goal.

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