Hi Cristal,
Luke Kanies

Thanks, Luke. You’re right, it’s more challenging than the challenges I usually seek but if we can make that culture shift, I imagine my elation- and exhaustion- will be akin to climbing K2.

We are using kaizen and I’ve customized a kanban system to the work too (when we do get back to execution, epics, etc). The key for me was an integrated strategy and tactics story board, but the constraints constraint kinda blew that to hell.

You’re right about too much focus on constraints being dispiriting, and also that culture unfortunately is more top down. To address that, the word “co-create” is being bandied about. ;) But if every buzzword solved a problem, I’d be out of work. And if nothing else, it’s a wealth of case studies for my next book.

Loved your article. And thanks so much for the thoughtful reply.