A Toast to Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Korean Air

4 min readApr 6, 2024

‘A Toast to Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Korean Air’ The End of the Professional Volleyball Regular Season… PS Starts on the 21st

Korean Air won 4th consecutive victory in the regular league men’s and women’s division, and Hyundai E&C won the throne for the 5th time in total.

Hyundai E&C in the women’s division and Korean Air in the men’s division raised a toast to the professional volleyball Dodram 2023–2024 V-League regular league, in which each team played 36 games over about six months, completing the long journey. 카지노사이트

The V-League regular season, which opened on October 14 last year and had a total of 252 games from rounds 1 to 6, ended on the 17th.

The court was heated as the battle for rankings continued right before the end of the regular season, and fans enjoyed the joy of volleyball.

* Korean Air loses 4 times in a row in the regular league… Hyundai Engineering & Construction, first place in regular league for the 5th time

For both men and women, the first place team in the regular league was determined only one day before the end of the regular season.

Korean Air (71 points, 23 wins, 13 losses) beat second-place Woori Card (70 points, 23 wins, 13 losses) in a close match, and achieved its fourth consecutive regular league victory.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (80 points, 26 wins, 10 losses) also had a fierce battle for the lead with Heungkuk Life Insurance (79 points, 28 wins, 8 losses) throughout the regular league, and ended up winning the 2009–2010, 2010–2011, 2019–2020, and 2021–2022 seasons.

Following this, he collected his fifth regular league first place trophy.

The battle for third place was also a catalyst that raised the enthusiasm for volleyball.

In particular, in the men’s division, OK Financial Group (58 points, 20 wins, 16 losses), Hyundai Capital (55 points, 18 wins, 18 losses), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (50 points, 19 wins, 17 losses), and Korea Electric Power Corporation (50 points, 17 wins, 18 losses) The four teams fought fiercely until the end of the season to advance to the postseason.

In the V-League, if the point difference between 3rd and 4th place is 3 or less, a semi-playoff (quasi-PO) is held.

The winner of the battle for third place was OK Financial Group.

OK Financial Group created a sensation by winning all 4 rounds (6 wins), and then took 3rd place with 4 wins in the 6th round.

Hyundai Capital was another winner.

Hyundai Capital, which changed its attitude after parting ways with former manager Choi Tae-woong, won the last match against OK Financial Group and achieved a quasi-PO.

The momentum of the second half of the women’s division, Cheongkwanjang (61 points, 20 wins, 16 losses), was also great.

CheongKwanJang, which remained in 5th place with 24 points (7 wins, 11 losses) until the 3rd round, rose at a breakneck pace from the 4th round, defeating GS Caltex (51 points, 18 wins, 18 losses) and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (48 points, 16 wins, 19 losses). I beat him and went straight to PO.

Korea Expressway Corporation (39 points, 12 wins, 24 losses), which finished the regular league in 3rd place last season and won the championship game after going through PO, fell to 6th place.

The ‘youngest club’ Pepper Savings Bank (17 points, 5 wins, 31 losses) recorded a disgraceful record of 28 consecutive losses, the most ever in the women’s division, and ranked last for three consecutive seasons.

Former coach Joe Tringe was fired without even completing a season.

In the men’s division, KB Insurance (21 points, 5 wins, 31 losses) was also confirmed to be in last place early on, and parted ways with former coach Hu In-jeong during the season.

* Kim Yeon-kyung’s health and mega appearance in the women’s division… The men’s division made a leap forward for those born in 1999.

The biggest change in the V-League this season was the introduction of the ‘Asia Quarter’.

The team that benefited most from this system was CheongKwanJang.

Megawatti Puttywi (registered name Mega) ranked 7th in scoring (736 points) and 4th in attack success rate (43.95%), putting CheongKwanJang on the postseason stage for the first time in 7 years.

However, the best star in the V-League was still Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance).

Although she complained, “Now that I’m older, it takes time to recover,” Kim Yeon-kyung ranked 6th in scoring (775 points), 2nd in attack success rate (44.98%), 5th in receiving efficiency (42.46%), and 8th in defense (per set). 5.557), ranking at the top in both offense and defense categories.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who has already been named the regular league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) five times, is considered the top MVP this season.

In the men’s division, friends of the same age and born in 1999 took the leap at the same time, contributing to the influx of young fans.

Foreign attackers ranked 1st to 6th in scoring, but Lim Dong-hyuk (Korean Air) ranked 7th (559 points), Kim Ji-han (Woori Card) ranked 9th (496 points), and Lim Seong-jin (Korea Electric Power Corporation) ranked 10th (432 points) and heralded the ‘V-League era born in 1999’.

Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital), who ranked 8th with 544 points, is also a young striker born in 1998.

After completing the regular league schedule, the V-League begins spring volleyball on the 21st with a semi-PO single match between OK Financial Group and Hyundai Capital in the men’s division.

The women’s team’s first postseason game this season is the first leg of the playoffs (2 wins out of 3) between Heungkuk Life Insurance and Jeong Kwan-Jang on the 22nd.

The championship game, which determines the final winner, is a best-of-five match.

The women’s championship will be held on the 28th, and the men’s championship will be held on the 29th.




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