I need to be comfortable with that.

Confront people when I disagree with something.

Confront people when I feel they’re not telling me the truth.

Confront them whenever something doesn’t feel right.

Even when it’s uncomfortable as fuck.

Because if I don’t, I’m letting the opportunity slip, being unable to be at peace with myself. It won’t seal by itself. It will perhaps end somewhere forgotten in the back of my mind.

True, the truth hurts, and sometimes we like to avoid it. However, a closure will never be met if you just let it go.

Because sometimes you only have that one opportunity to talk about it. Leaving it for later… will be too late to solve it. It will be meaningless when you bring it up during the wrong time, causing unnecessary fights evoking problems that belong to the past now.

I need to stop being passive. Ignoring things that make me feel uncomfortable. Accepting things when they could be different if I had spoken my mind.

So yeah. Be the change you want to see. Don’t be afraid.

Stop doubting yourself.

Trust in yourself.

Believe more in yourself.

Even if you couldn’t accomplish something, at least you know you tried. And sometimes that’s enough. There will always be a next time. The probability of failing will decrease through time when you choose to act every time you get the chance to.

Experience is gained like that: by being uncomfortable until it gets comfortable enough.