The dream

Birmingham, UK

I dreamed of you. However, as usual, dreams lose its details when I wake up. Despite this fact, I will write about what is left in my memory. In other words, fragments of that dream.

I don’t remember the beginning. We were walking in silence. I don’t know who was following the steps of who, but you were by my side. It was a calm moment, and the quietude that existed between us didn’t create an awkward atmosphere at all. I don’t know if you share the same opinion as me, but I believe that we don’t need to fill the air with a few words just to end the silence. To be honest, I even appreciate it. People should feel comfortable with it.

Anyway, I got the feeling that we were telepathically connected – you just heard my silence, and I heard yours, hidden words that only we would understand. That’s why neither of us felt the need to speak.

With every step we took, the leaves that covered the floor produced that crispy pleasant sound – if the leaves were dry, then it was Autumn. The sun was lukewarm, though. It warmed lightly the parts of our skin that were uncovered.

What led us to walk in the middle of nowhere? Were we with a group and then decided to walk away?

Maybe we are alike. Maybe we needed to get way from some mess. Or we simply desired to feel some peace for a while. It was what I was feeling when I was with you.

It would be wonderful if it was possible to share dreams between us. We would know the deepest desires, fears, worries, and anxieties that inhabit our subconscious. And more, so much more.

Nevertheless, if I shared with you this dream, you wouldn’t see any of it. You would feel peace, only peace. The tranquility of mind that I know you want so much.

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