One of the most remarkable paranormal experiences I had was back in 2010 . I was living in an apartment on NY where my family and I started to feel a presence in the house. A heavy feeling every time we enter the house. Besides all the noices and feelings of a negative source inside the house one particular night at 3:20 A.M something I will never forget happened. As I was asleep I felt like something was watching me. As I slept in a bunckbead on top I though at first that it might be my brother. As I left my head up I saw a figure standing in front of the door just watching still. I got nervous but my common sense thought at first it was my brother since he was the one who slept in the bed belew. As I call his name, there was no answer. I looked down and my brother was sleeping silently below me. I lift my sight back on the entity an suddenly y started to feel a loud buzzing sound on my head. I fealt as if all my energy was drained and fell into a deep sleep. People say it was a bad dream but believe me it wasn’t. To make things more intresting after a year and a half of events happening after that, my family and I moved out of that apartment. Just to find out that a week after we moved, the apartment cought on fire.

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