Mascara Tips

Listed below are some of my favourite mascara tips that you can always read 24×7. These basic mascara tips revolve around finding the right mascara for you and the look you want to achieve.And we know every woman wants beautiful long, lush lashes to accentuate their eyes. We want our eyes to be alluring and captivating. Just like a good painter must have great brushes you must have great mascara to work with to have your lashes looking long and luscious! Below I discuss the basic application of mascara but as we women know depending on the shape of our eyes the way each of us puts on our mascara will vary.

How to apply mascara

If you want to know how to apply mascara, it is actually quite simple, but it can be a tricky process. Like I said before the steps below are just a guide line and will vary depending on the shape of your eyes and the look you are trying to achieve.

First, you want to start with clean, dry lashes. You never want to have old mascara from the night before still on your lashes!

Before applying your mascara give your lashes a good curl with an eyelash curler! Some eyelashes are more difficult to curl than others but it will really open your eyes up so curl them as best you can. This is especially true of smaller eyes. You can also use clear mascara after curling your lashes to hold the curl. Clear mascara will also condition your lashes!

When you’re ready to apply your mascara don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube as this will introduce air and bacteria to your mascara!

Remember always apply your mascara from underneath the lashes (I’ve heard that some women have tried to coat the tops) and remember it’s always easier to start with a thin coat of mascara, let that dry, then apply another coat rather than applying a thick coat to star with.( A thick coat of mascara is prone to clumps which can get in your eyes!)

If you have small eyes, you may want to only put mascara on your upper eyelashes as this will make your eyes appear larger. If you have close-set eyes, it’s best to concentrate on the outer corners of the eyes which will minimise this. If your eyes are wide set (like Jackie Kennedy Onassis!), you can wear your mascara evenly across your lashes or concentrate on the area near the inside of your eyes.

While your mascara is still wet don’t blink (or sneeze!). After it dries, you can separate your lashes further using an eyelash comb.

If you have deep-set eyes, you probably can apply mascara easily without spearing it under your eyebrows or your eyelids, but for those of us with smaller eyes you can end up with mascara on your eyelids. I’ve found that’s it’s easier to use the type of mascara that comes off with soap and water for the cleanup but that is a personal choice.

Those are some tips for applying mascara, but it can take practice to learn your make up and how to apply it to best suit your eyes.

Clear mascara tips

Quite a few people have been asking about clear mascara tips. Clear mascara is wonderful as a base for other mascaras, and as mentioned in the mascara tips it helps hold the curl after you’ve used your eyelash curler, AND it conditions your lashes. The Clear mascara does a nice job of plumping up your eyelashes without being too over the top. If you happen to be one of the lucky women in the world who was born with beautiful long, dark, thick to die for eyelashes clear mascara is a great choice, it just makes your own lashes look that much more gorgeous without drying or damaging them. If I had been born with those types of lashes, I would opt to always wear clear mascara! Check out these clear mascaras.