The Art of being Cool

Being cool has been something that has always been cool. In every situations, in every way, being cool is always a good thing. Whether it is a composed cool when the time is tough, an out going type that gets everyone in the room loves you, or a coolness that has a silent confidence that no one knows about.

Regardless of anything, you can add a little coolness to your life no matter what position you are in. It is 100% possible for you to turn into a cool person.

There are three different ways to being ‘cool’.

The first type of being cool is the composed type cool.

Staying cool when the heat is up. When the hard situation and life is coming at you fast, it is important to stay cool in these situations.

*Spoiler from Pulp Fiction(1994)*

There are two guys in a restaurant when it is suddenly help up by a married couple. 
The two guys in the restaurant and like hit men, they guys who come to get the big bad bosses money that you failed to pay.
The couple approaches one of the hitman and demand his wallet with a gun pointed to his face. Unfortunately for the thieves, this is a normal day in the day of the life of a hitman.

Basically, Samuel L. Jacksons character, Jules displays the ultimate coolness with a gun in his face. It scared the thieve so much with the high level of coolness displayed. Jules even gave the thieve plenty of his hitman money and wanted his wallet back. We should treat all of our adversities like this. Cool as a cucumber with our eye looking down the barrel.

  • Take nice deep breaths when the stress hits
  • Focus only on one thing at a time, do not let your mind get flustered with other thoughts
  • Confidently knowing that there is a solution
  • Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” — Napoleon Hill

The second type of cool is the coolness amongst people.

Now there is many ways to make this happen. You do not have to be a extrovert, just a little effort. But one of the most simple ways to make this happen is to genuinely listen to people, talk about things that interest them and be authentic, its easy to spot a fake person after a while . Important note in this- LISTENING not talking about yourself..

Another way to be cool amongst people if to have people trust you. You simply do this by keeping to you word. Doing what you said you were going to do. Once one become a flakey, its hard to trust that person in what ever they say until.. they start following through.

Being trusted even goes further then following through what you're going to say. Being trusted is scientifically proven to make someone feel a a lot better about themselves. So start becoming a trustworthy person.

The third and final type of cool is the type of cool is the silent confidence.

This is where you allow the confidence to flow through you. This is simply knowing you are cool. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE can tell you how cool you are, only you can. So start thinking about the things that make you unique. What makes you stand out from other people? What in your thinking is unique to others? Standing out can be a good thing- if you allow it..

The thing about coolness is that is completely speculative. Because I think a car and nice clothes are cool does not mean another person will think the same. Be confident in what you think is cool. Be confident in being cool.

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