Your english was more than adequate!

Hi Adam, have you played WOW?, just for make the mental exercise, suppose that a region called `BH` of WOW become full of people, and the servers that are in charge of that region stop working due the heavy load, the databases are still up, so the information is not lost but the cause-effects calculations are not done. so when other players in other regions check the stats for `BH` they will notice that there are a lot of people there.

some nearby players will then start to do a lot of quests and grind items for later sell them in the market of the `BH` region and get fast gold, but when they try to get in there the game(simulation) stop working, because as mention before there are no servers that do the cause-effect calculation there, but the numbers of player that are reported in the stats of the region will grow by 1.

that region will look exactly like a black hole, the other players (Nearby planets) are still able to see the stats (amount of information) and act accordingly (adjust their trajectories taking into account the gravity forces of the black hole) just how the nearby players use those stats for adjusting their strategies for getting more gold in the game.

this analogy is obviously not 100% not accurate, but it help to understand a little bit more about the topic

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